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What will VolleyHAB Training do for my athlete?


Reach heights and speeds you never thought possible with a training program that builds and refines strength, flexibility, coordination, and agility. VolleyHAB is for the athletes looking to take their game to another level.

Georgia's only volleyball-specific training program! VolleyHAB is a two-component program that prevents injury and enhances performance in volleyball athletes. 

Component 1: Joint Strengthening and Injury Prevention

Foundational joint strengthening and on-court biomechanical training to ensure the athlete has the muscular strength and coordination to execute a biomechanically sound volleyball overhand serve, attack swing, and jump.

Component 2: Dynamic Performance Training

A high-level joint training program focused on increasing speed of joint muscle firing, joint endurance, and joint range-of-motion to enhance overall performance. When a coach says, “Swing Fast” or “Fast Transition”, this is the program that will help you execute.

Curious About Prices?

Curious About Prices?

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