Walk-In or Tele Consultation


30 minutes

DocJayPT offers remote and in person consultations.

Consultations are perfect for those times when you can’t come into the office, or you just have some questions or concerns you’d like to discuss with a qualified medical professional.  These consultations are not meant to take the place of medical visits or in-person PT, but rather offer the time and space to ask your questions that traditional medical visits may not allow due to time restrictions.

We can accommodate consults in person, on the phone, or via Skype, Google Hangout or FaceTime.

Physical Therapy

Initial Evaluation

1 hour




45 minutes

Treatment Session


We charge a flat fee for service. We do not bill your insurance, which allows us to charge a realistic price (approximately ½ to 2/3 of the local area charged price for Physical Therapy). We do this because there are many people with high deductibles or no insurance that need advanced Physical Therapy services. We think that those people should get the care they need at a reasonable price. Insurance companies dictate to Physical Therapy clinics about what they will cover and how much they will pay. Health Insurance does not equal Health Care, and we think you deserve a better option.

No Insurance - No Problem!


Initial Assessment


30 minutes


20 minutes


Monthly Fee

8 sessions



3 Month/24 sessions
6 Month/48 sessions



Athlete must be re-assessed every 30 days or 8 sessions

prices too high? no worries.

Everyone deserves access to physical therapy. You will only be required to pay a percentage of our fees that is determined through income verification. Discounts range from 25%-100% based on income and severity of injury.

Email us at to be considered for income-based pricing. For expedited service, attach your most recent paycheck or unemployment check stub.

Cancellation/No Show Fee

Cut-off Time: 24 hours prior to the start of the appointment.

Cancellation Fee: 50% of the total service price

No Show Fee: 100% of the total service price