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Recent Surgery and You are Finished with Rehab? 

Not keeping up with your Home Exercise Program (HEP) your physical therapist gave you at discharge? Its okay. It happens all the time. FitSAFE is here to hold you accountable for your continued joint strengthening to prevent injury re occurrence. Set up a consultation today to see if FitSAFE is right for you!

Discharged from Rehab but Still Want Training?

Sometimes we can't get the full therapy treatment we desire do to insurance limitations and out-of-pocket costs. This affordable monthly program allows you to have 8 sessions (2x/week) of exercise that is programmed and monitored by a licensed physical therapist. 

Want a Personalized Exercise Plan to Prevent Need of Future Surgery?

Have you had a change in your functional mobility? Not able to get up the stairs or walk as far as you use to? Ready to live a healthy active lifestyle, but nervous you may hurt yourself in the gym? FitSAFE is here to be your guide to enhanced functional mobility. A licensed physical therapist will create a safe, effective fitness regimen that will help you reach your goals.

Curious About Prices?

Curious About Prices?

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