Frequently Asked Questions

Programs and Services

What is VolleyHAB?

VolleyHAB is a volleyball-specific training and rehabilitation program that will reduce injuries and increase performance for athletes at every level. This program is designted to target the athletes most weakest areas and provide results after 8 sessions!!!

What is FitSAFE?

FitSAFE is a bridge between physical therapy and returning to the gym after having surgery or an injury that has caused you to stop or limit your normal exercise or recreational activity. FitSAFE will take all of your previous injuries and surgeries into account in creating your exercise program and get you back into the swing of things!

What is Physical Therapy? Do I need really need it?

Physical therapy is a skilled service provided by a doctor of physical therapy that can address any new or chronic noticeable weakness or pain. Physical therapy services can prevent a current pain or nuisance from becoming a full blown problem and help avoid the need for surgery, time off of work, or time away from your sport/recreational activity.


What is DocJay Physical Therapy?

DocJay PT is a locally-owned, cash-based physical therapy clinic that offers income-based pricing and payment plans to make physical therapy affordable for everyone! The mission of DocJay PT to make each and every client stronger, faster, and safer!


What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major debit/credit cards, prepaid cards, HSA debit cards, and CashApp.

What if I can't afford physical therapy?

DocJay PT believes healthcare should be affordable for all, especially physical therapy. You can request your personalized income-based discount by sending an email to and attach your most recent paycheck stub.

Does DocJay Physical Therapy accept insurance?

Yes! Along with having affordable cash-based pricing, DocJay Physical Therapy accepts Georgia Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare. Through a partnership with Murray Medical and Wellness Centers, we can also accept most commercial insurances.

I was in a car wreck and my lawyer says I need physical therapy. Do you I have to pay upfront or can my attorneys be billed?

DocJay Physical Therapy works with many Atlanta lawyers with motor vehicle accidents and personal injury clients. If you are uninsured or underinsured, we will provide physical therapy services with no upfront cost pending a signed Letter of Protection from yourself and your attorney.