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About Us

At DocJay PT, our staff is not only qualified to handle our day to day minutia, they provide care that is above and beyond the expectations of any patient. They seek to deliver that experience all on their own and that is what makes our clinic so special. we hope you will choose to get stronger, faster, and safer with us!

Dr. Ashley Johnson 

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Ashley Johnson  is a graduate of Hampton University, where she received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2015. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Johnson attended Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis where she was a volleyball athlete and student researcher. As the daughter of an occupational therapist, she had early exposure to the inner workings of rehabilitation and knew at a young age that she would be a physical therapist.


Upon graduation from her DPT program, she had difficulty enjoying working as a staff physical therapist in every single setting. She was disappointed and exhausted with the quality of care she could provide with packed schedules and inability to be herself in the corporate working environment. She experienced patients that needed and desired rehab but couldn’t participate due to insurance limits or inability to pay copays and deductibles. This barrier seemed to mainly affect the patients that looked like her and that was the final straw - she left the physical therapy profession after only 2 short years working in the field.


Dr. Johnson began providing private volleyball lessons and coaching juniors volleyball. She found solace and happiness returning to the sport that she loved. Even though she left the profession, the profession never left her. As a volleyball coach, she was constantly around athletes that wanted to be stronger and at times had aches and pains that they complained about during training sessions.


Dr. Johnson instinctual began treating these athletes and provided education as if they were patients. It was at that moment when Dr. Johnson fell back in love with physical therapy. She realized that she still loved the profession she has wanted to be since a young girl, but it just had to be on her terms.


DocJay Physical Therapy was born in December 2019 inside of Tsunami Volleyball Club – a 30,000 square foot volleyball facility located in Forest Park, GA. Dr. Johnson volunteered to be the sports clubs’ Director of Sports Medicine and handled anything and everything medical. This act of service to her volleyball community wound up being the catalyst to grow her practice larger than she could ever imagine. Dr. Johnson would conduct free injury/pain evaluations for athletes, their families, and other coaches. 

DocJay Physical Therapy opened August 2020 and was recently recognized as Best of Georgia 2021 for physical therapy clinics due to her dedication and commitment to her community.

  • B.S. (Bachelor Of Exercise Science) - Indiana University   

  • D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy)- Hampton University

  • Cert. DN - Dry Needling Certification

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