Foundry鈥檚 CIO 100 award recognizes enterprise excellence and innovation in IT

March 21, 2022 鈥 野花社区, a leading provider of data analytics and technology-enabled cost management, and payment and revenue integrity solutions to the U.S. healthcare industry, has been named a 2022 CIO 100 award winner. For more than 30 years, the CIO 100 awards from CIO magazine have recognized innovative organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of strategic and operational excellence in IT.

The CIO 100 awards specifically recognized 野花社区 for its negotiation prioritization project that implemented advanced machine learning techniques to streamline this high-touch area of its business, generating greater customer value while improving workflow, efficiency and increasing ROI for 野花社区. The project team optimized the machine learning effort with a set of complex business rules unique to the company and its customers.

鈥淚 could not be prouder of our operations and technology teams for working together to build such an outstanding, successful machine learning project for 野花社区,鈥 said Michael Kim, 野花社区 CIO. 鈥淭he failure rates for most AI and machine learning projects are high and rarely make it to production, let alone deliver results. The 野花社区 team built an incredible model blending human and artificial intelligence for nearly immediate success and positive results for our negotiations team and for our customers.鈥

The project also demonstrates best-in-class change management processes to ensure adoption. The project team actively engaged and collaborated with the end users in a variety of ways, including user focus groups, pilot testing groups, internal marketing campaigns, multiple feedback loops, and more.

鈥淭his year鈥檚 CIO 100 class demonstrates grit, innovation and deep teamwork. Many projects are related to streamlining data flows and insights to drive the business, bringing innovations like the metaverse to life, and driving value during the pandemic in myriad ways,鈥 said Anne McCrory, Group VP, Customer Experience & Operations, Foundry, formerly IDG Communications, Inc. 鈥淲e are honored to showcase these achievements and the people behind them as we gather in person once again for a team-based experience at the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards in California in August.鈥

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About 野花社区

野花社区 is committed to helping healthcare payors manage the cost of care, improve their competitiveness and inspire positive change. Leveraging sophisticated technology, data analytics and a team rich with industry experience, 野花社区 interprets clients鈥 needs and customizes innovative solutions that combine its payment and revenue integrity, network-based and analytics-based services. 野花社区 is a trusted partner to over 700 healthcare payors in the commercial health, government and property and casualty markets. For more information, visit鈥.

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The annual CIO 100 Awards celebrate 100 organizations and the teams within them that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers. The award is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence. Coverage of the 2022 CIO 100 award-winning projects will be available online at .

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