Healthcare and employee benefits costs are all increasing with inflation, on top of slower than expected post-pandemic healthcare utilization rates and the expected labor shortage in the healthcare industry鈥攖he stress can be felt across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

There are some bright spots though. Ryan Day, President of HST, a 野花社区 Company, shares with the .

We will see payors, providers, and consumers collaborating to improve the healthcare experience. Improvements will be seen in the form of technology alignment, consolidation and consumerization, transparent cost and ease of getting care are all possibilities as we look ahead into 2023 and beyond.

About Ryan Day

Ryan Day, President of HST, a 野花社区 Company, oversees operations and product development, bringing to HST an extensive background in finance, developing innovative technology solutions, and strategy. He started his career with a boutique Wall Street firm specializing in investments and employee benefits for nonprofits and hospital systems.

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